Land Use, Planning and Development

PRICE LAW FIRM addresses the needs of developers in virtually all areas of matters related to property rezoning and obtaining all approvals necessary to subdivide and/or develop sites with improvements. PRICE LAW FIRM will assist in formulating and coordinating efforts with the entire team of professionals involved in the project in order to secure the necessary approvals for permits or rezoning requests, including appearing before zoning boards, commissions, and councils. Such work can involve the following areas:

Easements and CC&R's. Our attorneys represent landowners and other interested parties in granting rights in and placing restrictions upon real property. Our services include the preparation and recording of covenants, conditions and restrictions upon commercial and residential subdivisions, shopping centers, and office buildings; drafting and negotiating easements and licenses to be conveyed to adjacent landowners and other interested parties, including conservation easements; liaison with government and utilities in the grant of public service easements; and negotiation and drafting of reciprocal easement agreements among adjoining property owners.

•Development Agreements.

•Land Use & Planning.

•Entity Selection And Formation.

•Title Review And Analysis.

•Option Agreements.

•Ground Leases.

•Easements and Dedications.

•Escrow and Title Documents.